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We recommend to book a car in advance through www.toprent.lt/ or by phone +370 616 55336. Reservation is valid only when confirmation is received by the e–mail, or you are contacted by telephone. For a last minute request we recommend to book a car through www.toprent.lt/ and call +370 616 55336.

You can reserve a vehicle by its class (mini, economy, compact, standard, SUV, van), but not a specific model. Top Rent (hereinafter – Lessor) reserves the right to change the reserved car into another car of the same size or larger, without changing the original booking price.

Minimum car rental period – 24 hours from the beginning of the booking. Car rent can be extended with same rates only if informed at least 24 hours prior to rental agreement expiration. Otherwise, price per day is calculated € 60.00 per day since rental agreement expiry. Additional day starts if the car is not returned within 1 hour from the expiration of the rental agreement.

The Lessor is not responsible for the items left in cars.

 Required information to book a car:

  • Full driver’s name
  • Pick–up / return place and time
  • Contact phone number and e–mail address
  • From where you come or a flight number

Any person submitting this information is responsible for the correct information. The Lessor is not responsible for wrong information.

If failed to collect the car at the specified time and date, the reservation is canceled.

No refunds for unused reservation days.

 What is included in the rental price:

  • Third–Party Liability
  • Collision Damage Waiver (up to excess € 1200)
  • Theft Protection (up to excess € 1200)
  • 130 km mileage a day
  • Airport fees

What is not included in the price:

  • The rental cars are provided with a full tank of gas, and must be returned full. For each liter of missing fuel a fee of € 2.50 per liter will be applied.
  • Car cleaning fees. The cars are rented clean, and must be returned clean. If not, the following fees will apply: € 15.00 dirty exterior charge, € 15.00 dirty interior charge. The Lessor also offers an additional service for cleaning the car, which can be ordered when booking a vehicle or at the rental desk.
  • Road taxes and fees. All tolls, parking and other costs are paid by the lessee.

Car delivery / return fees:

The car can be picked up 24/7. At Vilnius and Kaunas airports late night pick–ups are: 22:00 to 00:00 – € 14.45, 00:00 – 08:00 – € 14.45 Vehicle pick–up / return at Palanga airport – € 14.45, late night pick–ups after 22:00 – € 14.45 Car pickup / returns at Riga airport – € 14.45, after 22:00 – € 14.45.

When returning the car outside working hours, lessee is responsible for the car until the next day (08:00 – 22:00), when Lessor’s representative inspects the car.

What to take with you:

  • Personal identity document, passport or an ID card
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A valid credit card in the name of the lessee (Visa, MasterCard). Pre–paid cards, Maestro and debit cards are not accepted.


Upon the arrival, the deposit will be reserved on a credit card. The amount of the deposit depends on the car class and protection products. In the absence of a credit card in the name of the lessee, the vehicle will not be provided. If the car is returned clean, intact, with a full fuel tank, as well as returning the car ignition keys and documents, the deposit is returned.

Payment methods:

The car rental can be paid by cash, bank card or a bank transfer. If paid by bank transfer, upon the arrival at the rental desk, it is necessary to provide the payment confirmation. In the absence of proof of payment, the car will not be issued.


The car rental rates include third party liability insurance valid in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia only. Damage or theft excess is up to € 1200. Car wheels, tires, glass, interior, ignition keys, documents and license plates are not insured. The Lessor offers additional insurance products: partial insurance – excess up to € 600; full insurance – excess € 0.00, Deposit €100 ; Tire and windscreen insurance.  In case of an accident, the insurance is valid only if an accident declaration or a police report is presented and the Lessor is notified. The insurance does not cover any damages made by vandalism, natural disasters or war actions, also if the lessee is found driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances, if the lessee moves from the scene of the accident without any notice, if no declaration of an accident or a police report is presented and if the car was used by the third party, not mentioned in the rental agreement.

In case of an accident lessee is subjected to a € 60.00 damage administration fee.

In case of theft, the lessee must present the ignition keys and documents of the car and is subjected to all of the excess, specified in the contract. Failure to present car keys and documents and failure to notify the police and Lessor, as well as taking possession of the car, will be considered responsibility of lessee and subjected to the entire cost of the car.

The lessee is responsible for safe car parking. Car must be left locked with the alarm on in lit, well–guarded, non-remote, safe parking lots. Lessee is responsible for the car left unlocked, unalarmed and all of the belongings left in it.

Losing the car ignition keys or documents, irreparable damage to the tire or loss of license plates, failure to return child safety seats or navigation is a subject to a 200.00 fine paid by the lesee. Car parking costs and fines are paid by the lessee.

Roadside assistance and replacement car:

Technical assistance on the road 24/7 is provided in Lithuania territory only with roadside assistance service. In other cases, this service is also provided, but the cost of it is paid by the lessee. Also, when the vehicle is damaged due to no fault of the lessee, a replacement car is provided for the whole rental period. The Lessor reserves the right to cancel the reservation for the car breakdown or accident, if the event was due to the fault of the lessee. In the event of vehicle breakdown on the lessee’s fault, repair costs are paid by the lessee.

The vehicle is allowed to be driven only in customized ways. Driving off-road is strictly prohibited. All costs incurred due to improper operation of the car is covered by the lessee.

Additional driver:

The vehicle can be driven only by the lessee and other drivers, mentioned in the car rental agreement. If you want to drive a car with other persons, is to be declared at the beginning of the rent. The lessee who signs the rental car contract is the main driver and is fully responsible for the car.

Additional services:

  • Child seats. The Lessor offers three types of child seats: infant seats, child seats and booster seats. Child seats can be booked through the reservation or at the rental desk. If not order in advance, the Lessor does not guarantee the desired seat. The lessee is responsible for the correct attachment of the seat!
  • Navigation systems
  • Unlimited mileage. The rental price includes 130 free kilometers per day. If this rate is exceeded and unlimited mileage service not ordered, for each exceeded kilometer a fee of € 0.50 will be applied.
  • Car delivery in the city. The car can be delivered to any city location (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda). Price for delivery:  € 14.45 (depending on the location). Cars are not delivered to off city locations.
  • Cleaning services. When the lessee is unwilling or unable to clean the car, it is possible to order an additional cleaning service when booking a car or at the rental desk.

Border crossing. Driving area – Lithuania. In order to leave the country, it is necessary to inform the Lessor before start of the rental. Driving area can be expanded to Latvia and Estonia only. This service can be ordered when booking a car or at the rental desk. When selecting the driving area Baltic countries, this service is not included in the final price and will be paid at the rental desk. Leaving Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) is strictly prohibited.

Cross border to Latvia +38 eur One Time.

Cross border to Estonia +38 eur One Time.

Cross border to Poland +49 eur One Time.

One–way car rental:

The Lessor offers the opportunity to return the car in another Lessor’s location with a notice in advance. Fee rates are presented below:

Vilnius – Kaunas 48.00€ Kaunas – Vilnius 48.00€
Vilnius – Klaipėda, Palanga (PLQ) 115.00€ Klaipėda, Palanga (PLQ) – Vilnius 115.00€
Kaunas – Klaipėda, Palanga (PLQ) 100.00€ Klaipėda, Palanga (PLQ) – Kaunas 100.00€
Vilnius, Kaunas – Riga (RIX) 150.00€ Riga (RIX) – Vilnius, Kaunas 150.00€
Vilnius, Kaunas – Talinn (TLL) 242.00€ Talinn (TLL) – Vilnius, Kaunas 242.00€

Unauthorized return of the vehicle at the place not specified in the rental agreement is considered an infringement of the rules and is calculated 2.00 € / km from the return location, mentioned in the rental agreement, paid by lessee. Also, rental agreement is not considered expired, until the car is returned to the location, specified in the contract and is calculated € 60.00 per day, paid by lessee.

Cars must be returned to the Lessor specified parking lots. If the lessee returns the car to an unauthorized parking lot, parking costs will be paid by the lessee.

Traffic violation administration fee:

100.00 €. The lessee and additional drivers must comply with the approved rules and laws. Upon receiving a notice of a traffic offense or any criminal activity, the Lessor will provide all of the details of lessee to the police. Violations are subject to an administration fee for each accident or violation received.

Other fees:

Smoking in vehicles is strictly prohibited and is subjected to a fine of € 200.00. Also, damaged or soiled interior is a subject to a 100.00 € fine for each damaged part if a standard cleaning is not enough.

Car rental restrictions:

It is strictly forbidden to leave the Baltic countries without a separate written authorization (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). Arbitrary departure from the territory is a subject to a fine of € 1300.00, paid by lessee.

It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking, transporting animals, to transport goods, towing other cars, taking part in sports events and car–pooling, to provide taxi services as well as transfer car hire services or to allow the use of the vehicle to the third party, not mentioned in the rental agreement while driving the Lessor’s vehicle.


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