Fuel policy: which one is the best for your rental car?

May 18, 2021

A fuel policy, also fuel tank policy or gas policy, are simply the rules of the fuel tank. It tells...

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BMW motorbikes and scooters are ready for rental

May 12, 2021

Admiring a group of motorcyclists on the streets of the city is fun, but it is much more fun to...

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Cheap car rental: how not to be fooled? 6 tips for drivers

April 8, 2021

Have you found a car rental offer for 4 euros per day? Do you feel happiness overload? Well, it might...

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Car rent not only in Lithuania, but in Ryga and Tallinn as well

April 7, 2021

Car not only in Lithuania! We offer one-way rent: you can pick-up the car in Vilnius or Kaunas and return...

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