BMW motorbikes and scooters are ready for rental

Admiring a group of motorcyclists on the streets of the city is fun, but it is much more fun to sit on a beautiful motorcycle and start the engine. And you don’t even have to have your own motorcycle, you can just rent it from TopRent.


People would say that a real motorcyclist has his own wheels and never rents a foreign vehicle. Maybe. But maybe not.


After all, it can happen that the motorcycle no longer has space in the garage, as it been changed by the wheels needed for the next stage of life.


Or the bank account for this purchase has too few zeros.


Or a motorcycle has been sold and the gear is worn out, but you feel a very strong urge to get out of the house.


A motorcycle is not only a vehicle. It is adventure, freedom, wind and time for yourself. It’s fun, a mini-vacation, a getaway from home, or even a kind of meditation.


We are happy to contribute to this adventure with a new service – motorcycle rental.


We offer safe and reliable BMW motorcycles and scooters for rent: in our car and moto fleet, we have already parked  BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle  (2017) and a brand new BMW C400X scooter.


Motorcycle rental in Vilnius and Kaunas. You can travel around Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia free of charge with a rented motorcycle. Scooters rental in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



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