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VW Jetta / or similar

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VW Jetta rental

You are currently interested in a VW Jetta car with mechanical transmission, 4 doors, petrol engine, 2019. The VW Jetta is a car of intermediate car class with air conditioning.

VW Jetta car rental for your safe and memorable trip.

How to book VW Jetta or another car of intermediate car class?

There are two ways to reserve a car: online booking or by calling +370 616 55336.

Enter your name, telephone number and email on the online booking form. No need to enter your driver's license, neither bank card number nor your date of birth. We want to make it as easy as possible to reserve the car. 

Reservation details will be verified by the managers and they will send the confirmation by email. If you have not received the confirmation, please call us +370 616 55336.

Cancellation free of charge

We understand that plans might change due to many reasons. This can happen to anyone, and we don’t want this situation to bother you, so we don’t charge any fees for cancelling a reservation.

The reservation can be cancelled by calling +370 616 55336. The reservation can be changed or cancelled completely free of charge. 

Which insurance to choose?

All cars are covered by civil liability insurance (TPVCAPD, or compulsory vehicles third party liability insurance).

You can also opt for additional insurance, the logic is simple: a smaller deposit and smaller personal liability for an additional fee.

  • The included insurance does not cost anything extra, but the maximum deposit applies.
  • Partial insurance means that the deposit will be lower for an additional fee.
  • Full insurance - only a deposit of 60 EUR for the entire rental period.

When you pick up the car, the deposit will be reserved on your bank card, and fourteen days after the beginning of the rental period, the bank will automatically cancel the reservation.

What does it mean Full / Full fuel policy for rental cars?

A full / full fuel policy means that you will receive a car with a full fuel tank and when returning the car the tank must also be full as well. 

Before returning the car, you need to fill the tank – you can do it at the nearest gas station. Gas stations are a couple of kilometers away from all TopRent pick-up points in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Palanga Airport. 

Full to Full fuel policy is the most favourable fuel policy for the customers, as the customer will have to pour in as much fuel as it was used during the rental period.

In addition, it is the least stressful fuel policy, as the customer will neither have a fuel light on when picking up the car, nor they will have to look for the nearest gas station.

Reservation without credit card

Yes, a credit card is not required when booking a car. The reservation is free of charge, so there is no need to enter a credit card number.

You can pay for the car rental in cash or by card. You can also make a bank transfer before picking up the car.

Choose additional services

Are you traveling with children? Are you not aware of the surroundings and need navigation system? Do you want a safer trip without stress?

We will take care of that: we have child seats and boosters of various sizes, a navigation system, an electric scooter, and you can also purchase additional tire and windshields insurance.

About car rental company TopRent

TopRent car rental for your safe and memorable trips! We provide professional car rental services. Understanding your expectations and needs, we rent cars 24/7.

You can pick up your desired cars at the airports, bus and train station. We love travel and understand its importance, so we offer new and safe cars. We guarantee that all our rental cars are not older than 2 years.

Car rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Palanga, Riga and Tallinn on the most favourable terms - we always ensure good prices, fast reservation confirmation, new cars, pleasant service!

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Included for free:

  • Insurance against theft
  • Change of the reservation
  • Basic insurance

Payment methods available

Cash (when picking up a car)

Card (when picking up a car)

Internet banking

Bank transfer


  • Change of the reservation
  • Technical assistance on the road
  • Basic insurance
  • Reservation cancellation
  • Extra km upon receipt
  • Consulting 24/7
  • No airport fee
  • Small deposit

Why book now?

  • Good price
  • Quick, convenient reservation
  • No reservation fee
  • Fast car pickup / return
  • Simple paperwork
  • New and reliable cars
  • Secure payments
  • We accept debit cards