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Toyota RAV 4 / or similar

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Toyota RAV 4 car rental

You have currently selected Toyota RAV 4 with manual transmission, 5 doors, petrol engine, 2019. Toyota RAV 4 rental is a great choice for those who want a comfortable and reliable SUV.

How to book Toyota RAV 4?

First, make sure the pick-up and drop-off location, date and time of your chosen Toyota Rav 4 SUV are correct.

You can return this SUV not necessarily where you picked it up, for example, pick it up at Kaunas Airport, and return it to Riga, Vilnius or Palanga Airport.

If your plans change unexpectedly and you want to extend the car rental, you will be able to do so later, after the start of the rental period. Just call +370 616 55336 or book online Rav 4 with manual transmission for the desired period.

Have you noticed that 'FDMR' is painted next to the SUV? The third letter indicates what the gearbox will look like: M - manual or A - automatic.

Toyota RAV 4 rental. Which insurance to choose?

All cars are rented with civil liability insurance (TPVCAPD, or compulsory motor third party liability insurance). When choosing a car for rent, you can decide which type of additional insurance is most suitable for you:

  • Included insurance does not cost anything extra, but the maximum deposit that the bank will reserve for fourteen days applies.
  • Partial insurance means that for an additional fee, the deposit that will be reserved on your bank card will be lower than if the Included insurance is selected.
  • Full insurance - only a deposit of 60 EUR for the entire rental period.

When you pick up the car, the deposit will be reserved on your bank card, and fourteen days after the start of the rental period, the bank will automatically remove the reservation.

Choose additional services

If you need additional services or items, we offer to rent child seats of various sizes, navigation system, electric scooter or to purchase additional tire and windshield insurance.

Reservation without credit card

You do not need to enter your credit card details when booking your car. We do not ask for any deposit when booking the car, nor will it cost you anything if you want to adjust or cancel the reservation altogether.

If you plan to rent a car at the airport immediately after the flight, enter the flight number on the booking form so that we can track the information and support your reserved car if the plane lands later than planned.

Booking a car is quick and easy: all you need to enter in the online form is your name, phone number and email address. Just enough data to book a car from TopRent. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. You can also place an order by calling +370 616 55336.

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Included for free:

  • Insurance against theft
  • Change of the reservation
  • Basic insurance

Payment methods available

Cash (when picking up a car)

Card (when picking up a car)

Internet banking

Bank transfer


  • Change of the reservation
  • Technical assistance on the road
  • Basic insurance
  • Reservation cancellation
  • Extra km upon receipt
  • Consulting 24/7
  • No airport fee
  • Small deposit

Why book now?

  • Good price
  • Quick, convenient reservation
  • No reservation fee
  • Fast car pickup / return
  • Simple paperwork
  • New and reliable cars
  • Secure payments
  • We accept debit cards