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BMW C400X / Scooter

  • Automatic gearbox
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Scooter BMW C400X  rental

Renting a BMW C400X scooter is a great choice for those who want to maneuver safely through the streets of the old town or just get from point B to A in a cool way.

The BMW C400X (2021) is a  medium-sized scooter with 350 cm3 engine, semi-automatic gearbox, ABS brake system and LED lights.

Maximum speed is 139 km / h, average fuel consumption per hundred kilometers - only 3.5l.

The BMW C400X is a sleek and practical two seats scooter, perfect for a trip to a suburban nature trail or a picnic in the city by the river. Two storage compartments are spacious enough for the essentials for the short trip.

Who can drive a scooter BMW C400X?

This scooter requires a category A2 driver's license.

A category A1 driving license issued to persons over the age of 16 entitles the holder to drive scooters up to 125 cm3. The BMW C400X has a 350 cm3 engine.

Where can I pick up a scooter?

TopRent rents cars, motorbikes and scooters in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Pick up a scooter at Vilnius city office, Vilnius airport, Kaunas bus station, Kaunas airport or city office at Savanorių ave. 255.

You can find the addresses of the pick-up places here.

Which insurance to choose?

All vehicles are covered by civil liability insurance (TPVCAPD, or compulsory motor third party liability insurance). When choosing a car rental, you can decide if you want additional insurance, and if so, which type is best for you:

  • Included insurance does not cost anything extra, but the maximum deposit applies.
  • Partial insurance means that the deposit will be lower for an additional fee than if the Included insurance is selected.
  • Full insurance - only a deposit of 100 EUR for the entire rental period.

When you pick up the scooter, the specified deposit will be reserved on your bank card, and fourteen days after the start of the rental period, the bank will automatically cancel the reservation.

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Included for free:

  • Insurance against theft
  • We accept debit cards
  • Change of the reservation

Payment methods available

Cash (when picking up a car)

Card (when picking up a car)

Internet banking

Bank transfer


  • Change of the reservation
  • Technical assistance on the road
  • Basic insurance
  • Reservation cancellation
  • Extra km upon receipt
  • Consulting 24/7
  • No airport fee
  • Small deposit

Why book now?

  • Good price
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